RainSport 2

Ultimate wet weather performance.

The new standard in high performance rain tyres.

For executive, luxury and specialist sports cars.

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The RainSport 2 at a glance

Protection against aquaplaning
… due to innovative 3D structure in the base and side of the tread grooves.

Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads
… due to curved V-shaped tread ribs and new red-hot silica compound.

Higher mileage by avoiding one-sided tyre wear
… due to the VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator).

The 3D structure in the groove base and groove flank enhances water dispersion from the tread grooves.
Visual Alignment Indicator helps avoid uneven tyre wear

The RainSport 2 in detail

Protection against aquaplaning

The innovative 3D structure in the base and side of the tread grooves enables rapid water dispersion, ensuring a dry weather drive even in the wet!

Shorter braking distances

An even ground pressure distribution is achieved through the use of a curved V-shaped tread rib. This means the maximum amount of rubber is in contact with the road surface, giving shorter braking distances in both the wet and dry.

High mileage

There are three indicators on both the inner and outer shoulder. Incorrect track alignment and/or camber settings are identified if the indicator grooves on both shoulders are unevenly worn.

Poor wheel alignment can be identified and rectified early, thus achieving a higher mileage through avoiding uneven wear.


RainSport 2 size range

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